New YouTube Spoof Videos Show Candidates' True Colors

Fake Politicians' Channel Uncovers Achilles Heel Common to Most Presidential Candidates: A Complete Lack of Vision for America

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(January 17, 2012) The Fake Politicians' Channel on YouTube, a project funded by political PAC Endorse Liberty, has unveiled a new round of parody videos that uncover a fundamental truth many voters suspect: That most of the leading presidential candidates this year lack a clear vision for America and no real hope of rectifying the economic and political ills that plague our country.

Thanking those who made his victory in the New Hampshire republican primaries possible, fake Mitt Romney in his video exclaims, "And most of all, thank you to Goldman Sachs, for buying the wool that we pulled over their eyes."

While in another segment, fake Newt Gingrich tries to differentiate his qualifications from the frontrunner by saying, "Yes we both supported TARP, and bailing out whatever businesses either of us had personal interests in or could help our political aspirations."

"We think that humor is the most effective way to show that these would-be emperors really aren't wearing any clothes," said Stephen Oskoui, Co-founder of Endorse Liberty. "We're providing a voice for the large numbers of disenfranchised voters who are tired of the status quo, tired of politicians who will do and say anything just to get elected, tired of useless debates about ‘electability', and tired of candidates whose only vision for the country extends as far as the next election."

The videos expose fundamental flaws in the candidates' personalities and qualifications for running America, including Mitt Romney's Wall Street bedfellows, Newt Gingrich's special interest ties, Rick Santorum's inexperience, Rick Perry's cluelessness and President Obama's lack of vision for America.

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