Presidential Hopefuls' 2014 "State of the Union" Addresses Turn Up on YouTube

Ron Paul Super PAC Unveils Latest Lampoon Videos Imagining What America's Future Holds

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(SALT LAKE CITY – March 9, 2012) Endorse Liberty, a Super PAC supporting Ron Paul for President, announced today that its popular Fake Politicians News channel on YouTube has added a "Choose Your Own Adventure – SOTU 2014" collection, continuing in the organization's tradition of satirical videos that uncover important – yet often overlooked – issues in the 2012 Presidential election.

In the introductory video, FPN reporter Walter Weinke explains that an inter-dimensional rift in the space-time continuum has brought six versions of the 2014 State of the Union (SOTU) address to YouTube. Each SOTU as given by Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, a second-term President Barak Obama, and a bonus address from Rick Perry, highlights what each administration has wrought upon America. Surprisingly, Ron Paul's address is censored.

According to Fake President Mitt Romney's SOTU, under his watch a flood of androids has replaced humans in job across the country – even the job of U.S. President. The smiling polito-bot closes by reminding everyone that "resistance is futile."

Fake President Rick Santorum promotes his plan called "Attacking poor countries to spread democracy." While standing firmly by the wisdom of this plan, he nevertheless takes a moment out of his speech to apologize to the American Northeast which has been obliterated by retaliatory bombing from a country newly occupied by U.S. troops.

Perhaps most surprising is President Ron Paul's future SOTU, which is a government message explaining that the video has been censored.

"Given the current administration's complete disregard for civil liberties and the media's lack of coverage on Paul, it makes perfect sense that in a satiric video the two would work together to censor what a Ron Paul Presidency might look like," said Endorse Liberty co-founder Jeff Harmon. "With 26 states still to go to the polls in primary and caucus voting, we're redoubling our efforts to help bring a Ron Paul victory."

According to Endorse Liberty, while the results from Super Tuesday voting have strengthened their resolve to promote Ron Paul's candidacy as the only Republican challenger capable of winning the general election, eventually the group hopes to support candidates in other races as well.

"When we have time, we hope to also support House and Senate candidates who endorse liberty. Right now, all of our energy is focused on electing Ron Paul. He's the only presidential candidate who understands all the dimensions of liberty," said Steven Oskoui of Endorse Liberty. "Based on the growing groundswell of support and his majority of second place finishes so far, we are confident that a brokered convention will deliver a Ron Paul nomination and eventual Presidency."

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" 2014 SOTU videos are part of an ongoing series from the Super PAC. Each video, featuring actors impersonating Presidential candidates, is broadcast via the group's Fake Politicians News channel, which has now gained over 2.3 million views.

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